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Crucial Truth and Reasoning for a Return to "Paradise"

Eating The Apple
by Colin Denny Donoghue

Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 2008)

Our culture is filled with mythology. Some well-known myths may actually not be as innocent and harmless as is commonly believed. If we take time to think about the myths that pervade our culture, and how they may influence our lives, we can discover underlying meaning and messages that actually disempower us greatly and misdirect us from real spiritual and political truth. By becoming aware of this, we can free ourselves from mental ties that keep us from progress, both personal and political. Here I will focus on perhaps the most well known myths of all, that of Adam & Eve, and the Savior of Humanity, to show how they may actually be doing much more harm than good for our civilization through reinforcing sexism, patriarchy and disempowerment. I will give new positive ways to interpret these myths so that we can reclaim them in the interest of peace, justice, and enlightenment.

The traditional story of Adam and Eve defies common sense. Why would knowing the difference between right and wrong be bad? Has history or your own personal experience shown that to be true? If right was known from wrong early on and acted on, much of the horrific history of human civilization could have been prevented. (Examples that instantly come to my mind include: the South’s continued support for slavery in the 1800’s, 1930’s Germany, early Vietnam War, Iraq/Afghanistan invasions, the 2000 US Presidential election theft by Bush/Cheney, …etc.)

The same goes for our personal lives, where we often ignore the crucial truth of harm and/or exploitation being committed (in a relationship, at the workplace, animal neglect/abuse, etc.) and by ignoring it, we allow the harm to continue and possibly get worse. (A pervasive example of this is the massive human consumption of meat and dairy, that causes massive suffering and violence to billions of animals every year. Check out

How can we have progress without a sense of what's right or wrong? Isn't that what progress always really is? A progression from the bad to the good in varying degree?

The story of the “forbidden fruit” is a centuries old piece of misinformation used to continue the status-quo paradigm that does not encourage the questioning of authority or the progress of humanity. By telling us that having the knowledge of good and evil is bad, this story reinforces mass disempowerment of the People. This is real Orwellian phenomena, saying the good is evil and the evil is good. Furthermore, when we accept other's claims of what's right and wrong, especially from society's official "authorities", even when it defies common sense, we allow ourselves to be complicit with destructive policies, ideology and actions that cause massive harm to others and our environment. (Going along with the propaganda delivered by the mass media concerning 9/11, the elections, Iraq, and the lack of viable energy alternatives come to mind as current examples). When we allow others to tell us "this is right" (ex. the war) and this "wrong" (ex. dissent), we not only voluntarily disempower ourselves and keep our minds from comprehending the true reality, we become sheep led by wolves.

This intentional misdirection of our understanding of Truth has also been accomplished through the “savior” mythology, where only one person, with supernatural powers, can “save” the world, and the rest of us are said to be just powerless “sinners”. This mythology is very pervasive and influential yet most don’t recognize its power; even the popularity of characters like Superman show that American culture subconsciously accepts the idea that we need a supernatural savior to combat evil and injustice (so we might as well remain apathetic consumers).
In the latest Superman movie, "Superman Returns" (2006), the references to Jesus are blatantly obvious, even the title brings to mind the "Second Coming" when Jesus will "Return to Earth". At one point in the movie Superman flies over the Earth in a clearly crucified position, and he is also referred to as "My only son, sent to save humanity" by his other-worldly Father, and even refers to himself at one point as a savior when talking to Lois Lane: "You wrote that the world doesn't need a savior, but every day I hear people crying for one."

In the book of the great movie "What The Bleep Do We Know?", which discusses the hidden power within each of us, the authors speak to the point of the disempowering nature of savior mythology on page 204 (emphasis added):
"One of the basic tenants of Christianity is the notion that 'Jesus will save me' [and that we are all] 'sinners born in sin' and screwed from the get-go. It is difficult to imagine a more disempowering idea."

Whether you admire and follow the teachings of Jesus as a historical, mythological, or religious figure, a more intelligent (and probably accurate) interpretation of the actions of Jesus of Nazareth is not to simply believe in him as the sole savior of the world, (which really makes no sense at all, since there was not worldwide revolutionary positive change after his death), we should instead look at his actions as those that we each need to imitate (in the socio-political context that modern Christianity has all but completely eliminated, notable exceptions include Liberation Theology and the perspectives expressed in books like Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action” by David Ray Griffin & “Saving Christianity from Empire” by Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer), so that the numbers of those resisting tyranny, hypocrisy, corruption and empire will be great enough so that we really can have worldwide revolutionary positive change. The tyrants of the world cannot crucify every rebel, so to speak, so the reason that injustice/fascism/tyranny continues is because not enough people become active in resisting it. From a Liberation Theology perspective one could say not enough people are imitating the actions of Jesus in the sense described in
Ephesians 6:12:

"For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world-rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in high places."

The brilliant African-American scholar Cornel West also gets to this crucial point, in a modern context, in his book "Democracy Matters":

"Let us not be deceived: the great dramatic battle of the twenty-first century is the dismantling of empire and the deepening of democracy... we must remember that the basis of democratic leadership is ordinary citizens' desire to take their country back from the hands of corrupted plutocratic and imperial elites.  This desire is predicated on an awakening among the populace from the seductive lies and comforting illusions that sedate them and a moral channeling of new political energy that constitutes a formidable threat to the status quo."

Another relevant perspective from the book "7th Seal: Hidden Wisdom Unveiled":

"Are the Romans in actuality alive and well today, continuing to suppress the greater truths, effecting the prevention of the resurgence of a spiritualy aware and soul aligned civilization?"

Basically, it has always been the few oppressing the many, therefore it can be seen as a problem of actualizing, or empowering, the masses (that means you, unless you support oppression/destruction), who have been tricked into believing false mythology and ideology that deliberately disempowers them, along with being subject to more direct physical tools of disempowerment like poverty/overworking/lack of free time, hunger, sickness and illiteracy.  All of this serves the destructive status-quo paradigm, it gives it the power to continue on. Additionally, if you spend much of your time thinking of cultural pop icons, luxury consumer goods, etc., you are allowing yourself to be distracted from where real meaning and satisfaction can be found in life. You are allowing yourself to be disempowered by those who would be happier if you were a simple-minded consumer who never questioned or spoke out against unjust authority.

Today, we have the Bush Administration telling us that they will protect us from the “evildoers,” and hoping we wont do any critical thinking, or care that they've abolished the Bill of Rights, rigged our elections, etc.  Again Cornel West says it well:

"At this moment our imperialist elites are casting themselves as the defenders of our democracy."

Bush, Inc. are certainly hoping we wont take the next step after seeing through their deceptions, actually resisting their assault on our freedoms, environment, health and democracy. They are sending the message "Just trust Big Brother and everything will be ok"… In this way they make themselves as another savior figure that we permit to disempower ourselves once again… In the book “Jesus and Empire” the author Richard Horsley writes: “In the Roman imperial world, the ‘gospel’ was the good news of Caesar having established peace and security for the world. Caesar was the ‘savior’ who had brought ‘salvation’ to the whole world.” The parallel between the Roman and American Empire is very poignant in this sense: Bush/Cheney claim to be saving us from the terrorists; we must recognize when history repeats in this destructive and deceptive way. Chris Hedges, author of “American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War On America” described the modern American Fundamentalist Christianity that is aligned with the Neo-conservative movement as “essentially about disempowerment” in an interview with Amy Goodman on her Democracy Now! Radio program (
02/19/07). This is a key point, as I previously stated; both empire, and religion serving empire, function mostly to disempower the populace through various means so resistance is kept to minimal levels. Gloria Steinem, the well know Feminist leader and author writes in her book “Revolution from Within” that self-help/new age books often have “an important message about the worth of each human being, but with little mention of the external structures that undermine this worth in order to assure their own authority.” These external structures that disempower people in order to insure the continued dominance of the status-quo are too often overlooked as somehow separate from the issue of personal liberation, instead of being recognized and named as the barriers that they are.

In the book Great Mystics & Social Justice: Walking on The Two Feet of Love, Susan Rakoczy unsheathes the false dichotomy between personal and social transformation that many modern Christians, Buddhists, philosophers, "spiritual" people, etc. ignorantly accept: "Two Temptations are enticing. One is to plunge into activism without a spiritual grounding. The other, especially insidious, is to take a deep breath, close the doors of the churches on the problems of society, and focus on a private experience of religion. For some, a "Jesus and me" religiosity is very satisfying since it allows them to seek personal holiness without attention to those outside their religious circle. This, however, is a corruption of the gospel, whose basic principle is love of God and love of neighbor."

Returning to the mythology of Adam and Eve, Eve is made to be the villain, the cause of the “Fall of Man”, yet another example of patriarchal sexist distortion of religious and historical truth, demonizing women as was done to Mary Magdalene, made to be a prostitute. And then of course there is the non-sensical Trinity, which has a Father and Son, but the necessary Mother is missing, replaced by the “Holy Spirit”.

The story of Adam & Eve would make much more sense if
Paradise was lost because they stopped eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and departed to the gray area of lies and deception of the “Devil”. A loving “God” would have never said don’t eat from this tree, but eat and live by the knowledge you gain, and remain in the Garden of Eden, Paradise. Why did Adam and Eve become ashamed of their nakedness AFTER eating of the knowledge of good and evil? If we are made in the “image of God” why would our naked bodies be something shameful?? It was because they STOPPED eating of the knowledge of good and evil that they became ashamed, they no longer knew our nakedness was good, they were banished for listening to the Devil who stayed on the Tree of Knowledge to discourage them from eating the fruit, to convince them that they would be fine without that knowledge. The characters of God and the serpent have been reversed to serve the sexist patriarchal oppressive status quo; supporters of this backwards ideology are the authors of our modern story of Adam and Eve, surely not “God”. We are told heaven is the joyful peaceful place in which God’s presence is experienced so fully that all who are there gladly do “God’s Will.” What would this will be? Would it be for carrying out trivial assignments and duties, like a king’s servant? Or would it make more sense that it would be to bring peace, love and justice to your surroundings? “God’s will” would certainly consist of the latter if we are to remain consistent with everything that is said of this God, so then in the setting of Eden it makes more sense that one would want to eat the apple of the knowledge of good and evil, so that one could then act on that knowledge and always choose the right over the wrong. By doing so, one would remain in “Paradise” or “Heaven”, gladly doing God’s will, since that is what would make one’s existence most enjoyable, satisfying and “heavenly.” Therefore God's will and love and justice are inseparable, and those are inseparable from human happiness. In politics the Will of the People, or the majority is usually for greater compassion and justice, while the will of the few who bring fascism and tyranny have the opposite motivation: the desire for personal wealth and power. So the former is equivalent to the will of God(dess), while the latter can be thought of as the will of the Devil, producing evil in the world (as done by groups like the Bush Administration, etc).

Martin Luther King Jr. ate the apple when he declared segregation to be an evil, Gandhi ate the apple when he declared the British occupation of India to be an evil, (along with countless other examples of people declaring and facing real evil, not the bullshit propaganda that people have always been fed by tyrants) and by their so doing, humanity progressed. So the “apple” is in reality our inner conscience, which we discover through bringing our attention inward. This inward-looking practice is disrupted by countless distractions and disturbances like corporate advertising and our “entertainment” filled culture; we are being constantly distracted from our inner self, which serves the status-quo paradigm perfectly.

The Buddhist (not exclusively of course) practice of mindfulness and contemplative/concentration building meditation is a well developed practice for re-directing our attention inwards and discovering our conscience, or eating the metaphorical apple. Yet even Buddhism has been corrupted by post-modern nihilism with a completely unjustified emphasis on the doctrine of emptiness/no-self, that the Buddha himself warned would lead one astray if taken as ultimate truth. Modern “Buddhists” have done exactly what was warned against, and have strayed into a non-dualist, non-judgmental perspective on the world, similar to modern “Christianity” that tells us good works are meaningless, and only by saying a certain prayer and attending church regularly will one find salvation, through a single individual (Jesus), in the afterlife (the current life being regarded as a "lost-cause"). This is a belief system that is completely disempowering to the individual. It puts their focus and faith in something that is essentially imaginary, so that one doesn't take the actions necessary in the real world to ensure their freedom, peace and happiness. Another tenet of some distorted modern branches of so-called Christianity is the emphasis on a “Judgment Day” where a divine being will appear out of thin air and cast judgment on mankind. This of course discourages everyday people from making their own judgments and attempting to hold those guilty of great crimes against humanity accountable for their actions. Again we must wait for a superman to bring justice to earth, to tell us what is right and what is wrong, we cannot do it ourselves. This savior mythology is completely compatible and compliments the garden of Eden mythology that tells us eating from the apple of knowledge of good and evil is blasphemous, and that we should leave all justice seeking to “God” an imaginary figure who does not currently exercise this power on earth, but "don’t worry" say the apocalyptic Christians, "he will come soon", just keep waiting, and do nothing to fight injustice, and don’t you dare consult your conscience and common sense, remain disempowered and subservient to the status-quo system of thought that you have been conditioned by.

Another Christian tradition that may directly concern the Garden of Eden mythology is the modern “Christmas Tree”. I’ve read the suggestion that Christmas trees may actually be symbolic of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which I personally find intriguing. In this re-working of the imagery of the tree, real apples would be hung from the tree instead of ornaments, and family members would give the apples to one another, recognizing that gaining the knowledge of good and evil was a crucial part of the religious/spiritual path.

Ultimately and for practicality however, what is most important is the truth. Most people will automatically respond in the proper way to a situation once they know the full truth of it; our inner nature is good and is always with us, despite the negativity that usually covers it. That's why propaganda and misinformation is the main tool of the creators/supporters of any destructive system/paradigm. The focus in activism, and personal life, should be what the full truth is, the "right" or "wrong" of it follows that, it is technically secondary. In order to "eat the apple" in the real world, to act knowledgeably using our conscience, we need the best and most factual crucial information we can find. The main purpose of propaganda is to prevent people from acting on their conscience based on the facts. Instead, they attempt to use our own conscience against us, by appealing to our compassionate nature through Orwellian slogans like "Support Our Troops", "The War on Terror", "No Child Left Behind", etc. The crucial information we need to evaluate with our conscience is for the most part not coming from our government or the mass media, so where do we find it?
How do we see through the lies and misinformation and find crucial truth? For the political/social truth, the short and practical answer is truthful independent media/books/documentaries/speakers, etc. and one's personal investigation. For the spiritual truth, whatever your personal practice may be, your own personal investigation and experience should be the authority. The Buddha said repeatedly to trust your own experience to see if his Eightfold Path is effective (basically a path of Loving (morality–>peace–>concentration–>insight–>happiness), which can be found in all traditions) and to not take his word for it, try it and see for yourself.

Truth has great power; when it is revealed it is a force in itself, because it activates our compassionate inner nature, our conscience .
Satyagraha, a term Gandhi coined for his overall activist strategy, is translated as “truth-force” and “insistence upon the truth”. Satya (the truth)+ Agraha (to insist upon) = Satyagraha. We must each become a Satyagrahi, a practitioner of Satyagraha, in our personal lives as well in our socio-political reality, in order for there to be genuine and lasting progress.

I believe it is a 50/50 effort, internal and external revolution is needed; fighting fascism while practicing a path to enlightenment simultaneously. Because life is both personal and political, the inner and the outer, and we need to work for the progress of both to find satisfaction, and reduce our own suffering, while we help reduce the suffering of others simultaneously. Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Jesus, the Buddha, etc. all emphasized non-violence as the wisest and most practically beneficial behavior to adopt for personal and political behavior/policy. We need to center our lives AND our politics around non-violence/Ahimsa. Bush/Cheney, and all other fascist rulers throughout history represent the exact opposite, producing harmful and destructive policies, which is just furthering suffering, anguish and disharmony on Earth, as well as sabotaging our spiritual journey towards peace, wisdom and happiness.

So if the apple reveals the differentiation between violence and nonviolence in all acts and behavior, then ceasing from harm is the first stage in becoming skilled in the ways of the opposite of harming: healing and giving pleasure. Practices such as massage therapy, nutrition/natural medicine/disease prevention, tantra, yoga, etc. then all become areas of utmost importance and significance. With more time to focus on healing and pleasure in a post-backwards society, we can learn more about our bodies and Nature, diagnose and treat health problems naturally and more effectively, and realize our full potential for health and happiness.

This so-called "elite" sometimes use more direct methods than mythology and propaganda to disempower the masses, like sickness/disease being spread intentionally, or even assassination of social-justice leaders; this is a matter of historical fact. Ill-health is extremely disempowering of course, so physical fitness and health is a necessary component of the Path to empowerment/peace/happiness; good health is also needed for active resistance to fascism, oppression, etc. Not taking care of your body is another type of behavior that supports the continuation of the status-quo; there will be no revolution if all the revolutionaries are sick and in massive financial debt.  Maybe that's part of the reason why Bush, Inc. have done nothing to improve health care in America, and instead support industries that put toxins/radiation in out air, water and food?  Or why the unconstitutional and criminal monetary system run by the corporate-run Federal Reserve is allowed to stay in place, driving us further and further into debt?  (See part 3 of the groundbreaking film "Zeitgesit" for more on that:

We need to stand against wickedness when we become aware of it, we need to “eat the apple”, or “the red pill” (to use Matrix terminology), and share it with others. You must hold some conviction in order to do this however and have factual knowledge to base your conviction on. Today it is very unpopular to speak of right and wrong of course, it is very uncool especially amongst young Americans. And in academic circles non-dualism, or post-modern moral-relativism, is the fall back position for many “intellectuals” who deconstruct every argument and then stand for nothing, certainly not social justice. I have found that if you hold any convictions (even very altruistic ones) some status-quo supporters compare you to all extremists, like some right-wing Christian speakers who have turned Christianity completely upside down. Saying the war in Iraq is wrong is to speak common sense and the will of the majority, the view is not extreme because it is in agreement with the facts and the majority of people on earth. Neo-conservative (fascist) ideology is not the will of the People. If we had a real democracy, Bush/Cheney could never have stolen the elections (read Fooled Again by Mark Crispin Miller for starters) as they did, the war would have never happened, nor would have 9/11 because the people who engineered it wouldn’t have been in the necessary positions of power (read David Ray Griffin's books on 9/11 for starters on that topic). If the People know the real truth they will speak and vote for the peaceful and just solution, that is why the fascists in power must rig the elections and tell the People lies and propaganda, undermining the compassionate and rational choice of the People. Democracy and truthful independent media really are the answer but so many say “look at how bad America is, democracy doesn’t work”. That's an opinion based on the false assumption that America IS a democracy, which it is certainly not! It's not even a representative republic! The fact that Bush and Cheney are still in office is proof of that! True Democracy and true representation allow the debate of right and wrong to be conducted by the majority, which ensures the elimination of elitist/special-interest control.

When you watch a bill being debated at your state legislature, you’re often watching a debate over whether the bill will ultimately serve the majority of the population (be good) or serve only the interests of the already powerful and wealthy few (be bad). The well-informed majority is almost always on the side of the less harmful bill and policy, since that is in their own interest (as well as due to sincere compassion for others), it is almost always those few that represent the interest of the uncaring “elite” who stand in opposition.

So if ultimately it is our conscience that shows us the difference between right and wrong, some might say then, that morality is completely subjective and relative, different for each individual. If this were completely true however, how would we progress together as a society? Aren't there actually some "core values" that most sane individuals would agree are "right"? Concerning personal interaction, no action is necessarily always bad, it depends on the circumstance, but that does not mean that morality is always relative! The truth is one should hold a Relative Absolutism, that is, certain actions, in certain situations, can be 100% wrong, like the examples highlighted in this essay. We must consult our conscience on a continual basis (eat the “apple”), through mindful awareness, and decide what is the least harmful and most just action (or non-action) to make. The Buddha called such action that leads to Liberation "skillful" or "wholesome". Some actions in certain situations are certainly more positive and skillful than others, and there is a way for consistent discernment, that does not accept a completely "non-dualist" perspective on human behavior:

"Skillful actions are those that create the causes for happiness, such as actions motivated by loving-friendliness and compassion. Any action that comes from a mind not currently filled with greed, hatred, or delusion brings happiness to the doer and to the receiver. Such an action is therefore skillful or right." - Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness, p.28
Our conscience is most clearly perceived when we are fully in the present moment; being fully in the Now also removes us from the disempowering/negative egoistic thought of the past and future, allowing us to be "aware of our awareness" which allows our peaceful (even blissful) inner nature to be experienced. There really is Power in the Now (as explained well by Ekhart Tolle in his books "The Power of Now" and "Stillness Speaks"), which can counter all the disempowerment I've been discussing .

Consulting one's conscience on everyday relations with family, friends, co-workers, etc. is certainly very important; our personal interaction with others has direct effect on their lives, in varying degrees of positivity or negativity. Of course the practice is difficult and we will make mistakes often, but with discipline we can rise to a higher level of being.  For example, personally I have not been living by the ideals presented in this essay due to my negative habits, etc. but I continue to strive towards them because I believe in their benefits, for myself and others.  First we must clarify and refine the direction, or the Way, before we can make progress.  That is my intention with presenting these ideas here.

Yet shouldn't consulting our conscience on the actions, policies, and messages given by our dominant authority figures and socio-economic/political systems, that effect far more people than we do in our personal lives, also be given priority. Isn’t that in fact what we are told Jesus did, when he denounced the hypocrisy and violence of the dominant religion and political empire of his day? So today we must be aware of those same destructive forces that live on in the current destructive status-quo paradigm. If you can see the blatant truth of the evil of the Bush Administration, act on it. Write your reps and say you want Bush/Cheney removed from office. Every person does make a difference. If the truth about the elections were known nationwide immediately and then the truth about 9/11 being an inside job was also known nationwide, would we have the “war” in
Iraq, would we have the destruction of our constitutional rights? Of course not! If we had “eaten the apple” we could have prevented all this destruction, injustice, and massive suffering.

Here is another quote that uses the terms "soul' and "inner compass" in place of conscience or "apple", but the message is really the same:
"The major threat to external control is our internal guidance system -- our souls. To us, our souls are our best friends and most trusted guides. But to the control paradigm, they're the enemy -- what has to be removed in order for external control to work. Only when we're sufficiently disconnected from our inner compass will we follow outer demands." -"The Paradigm Conspiracy" by C. Largent and D. Brenton (highly recommended), p.9,
When we are connected to our conscience/soul/spirit/higher-self we also become connected to an outside world that becomes much more interactive, through synchronicity/guidance and positive circumstances that follow an inner transformation. When we become happier, healthier, and more at peace through a "Joyful Rebellion" against the destructive status-quo, we also may discover our passion for Life that had been covered in negativity and inner/outer oppression. Kenneth MacLean, author of "The Vibrational Universe", in an interview in Evolve! magazine said: "[P]assion is discouraged simply because it is such a high vibration/emotion relative to the society at large, and there is a genuine fear [by authority figures] that a passionate person is a dangerous person. There is a concern that our society would be turned upside down if people were allowed to find their own way without direction from the authorities." Indeed, and a society that is Orwellian/backwards should be turned upside down! When our "leaders" are taking us in the opposite direction to where we should be headed, revolutionary change is needed.

Eating the Apple, consulting our conscience, is only the first step of course, action is the second. Knowledge is only valuable if acted upon. For example, knowing of The Law of Attraction/Manifestation (described well in the film “The Secret”, derived from the ancient tribal practice called Huna), which is all about self-empowerment and taking responsibility for oneself, it's pretty much the opposite of the savior mythology belief; it only benefits the individual who becomes more conscious of their thoughts and really focuses on the positive possibilities rather than the negative.

In conclusion, Adam and Eve, in this perspective, would have stayed in Paradise by always choosing the positive over the negative; by acting in accordance with the knowledge they gained from the apple (their conscience), thereby always choosing good over evil, experiencing that it was always to their own benefit, bringing them continued happiness. The same holds true in the real world, right here, right now.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

who really supports the troops?

Pi squared

I've found the specific level of difficulty that is inherent in certain practices that are apparently most worthwhile to give a try on a consistent basis, like

1) meditation/spiritual practice (concentration skill at a significant and useful level / consistent practice of worthwhile disciplines, like the Buddha's Eightfold Path)
2) exercise (body in significantly good athletic shape and flexibility)
3) tantra (ability to control oneself sufficiently so higher levels of ecstasy can be experienced)
4) lucid dreaming (ability to become "awake" within your dreams, for the purpose of greater self-awareness and/or creating dream realities that will improve ones waking life)
5) art/music (ability to be highly skilled with drawing/painting, musical instruments, writing, etc.)
6) activism (ability to effectively support the alternatives to the destructive status-quo paradigm, and support true democracy, justice and peace through nonviolent means)

is apparently the same. On a scale of 1-10, it's not quite a 10, but close, so I figure Pi squared has got to be it.

"All noble things are as difficult as they are rare."
- Baruch Spinoza

"In this age, which believes that there is a short cut to everything, the greatest lesson to be learned is that the most difficult way is, in the long run, the easiest."
- Henry Miller (1891-1980, American Author)

"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult."
- L.P. Sanadhya

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."
- Sir Winston Churchill

Sunday, December 16, 2007

organic, but stupid

Last night was an organic extravaganza of lameness. Organic chips, Organic Pace salsa (it was the only organic salsa in the behemoth mega-corporate Fred Meyers that I walked to) and Organic beer, that was on sale. Oh and then later I got the organic American Spirits. The only smart thing I did last night was delete a bunch of people's numbers on my phone early in the night, it must have been the Holy Spirit that took over my body for a short time to do that, because later I was looking for those numbers that were gone. Sorry to those that didn't make the cut.

SNL had a "remembering Chris Farley" show followed by the episode with the legendary "Dick in a Box" short, so I laughed a couple times at least. I probably would have laughed without the alcohol in my system, so the night was a complete waste. Ive been trying to quit alcohol and tobacco for a long time, I'm well aware of how they are major obstacles (an understatement) to the Buddhist path. I even got a tattoo that says "Stay Sober" in mirrored letters so Ill read it every day. I got a great book (a gift), "Mindful Recovery" too (that I havent finished yet). Tobacco and Alcohol are disempowering physically, mentally and socio-politically, serving the status-quo through disengaged belligerence. Being drunk and smoking cigarettes and watching TV is pretty much the opposite of being a vegan body builder/Buddhist/activist, which I'd much rather be, because that's a much better way to live for many reasons. So, therefore, last night I was a human manifestation of wackness.

Ive become an expert on how best to live, I just haven't been able to live based on the knowledge I've gained. Because I'm stupid sometimes. Well pretty often actually. Huh. Is this Self-Realization? :)

Well it's not all stupidity, some things tend to encourage unhealthy behavior.
Jimi speaks perfectly for me again to explain, (I think I might have been him in my last life. I suck at the guitar though, so that goes to show that skill doesn't necessarily carry over from life to life. Or that I wasn't Jimi Hendrix.) :

There's nothing left here to greet me
But the velvet moon
All my loneliness
I have felt today
It's a little more than enough
To make a man throw himself away
And i continue
To burn the midnight lamp

Facing coldly toward the door
And i continue
To burn the midnight lamp
All alone

Lonely lonely, yeah
Lonely lonely lonely
Loneliness is such a, drag

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Soldiers at Shannon

On my recent trip to Ireland I flew in and out of Shannon airport, which has been used by the U.S. military for it's operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, torture-trip "renditions", and who knows what else. While waiting for my flight to New York, I was surrounded by dozens of US soldiers, browsing around in the gift shop, and the the departure gates. If you actually talk to a soldier, even if you're completely against the "war", you will usually find a decent guy or gal who you wouldn't have any problem with in everyday life. Yet unfortunately they believe enough of the propaganda they are told to serve the interest of profit & power. It's hard not to have a distaste for their presence, knowing what this illegitimate administration is using them for. And I'm hardly alone in this feeling in Ireland. There have been numerous protests against the US military use of Shannon airport, if you haven't heard about it, that's for the same reason you possibly haven't heard any of the overwhelming evidence that contradicts the official 9/11/01 story: Bush(corporate government, i.e. fascism)-supporting owners of our corporate media that limit, and in cases like 9/11, eliminate, opposing viewpoints and facts.

The US military in Ireland gives the feeling of injustice, of the divine Will for peace and justice being mocked by the devil, so to speak, as China's occupation of Tibet does, with their oppressive and abusive police and surveillance cameras installed throughout the towns...their influx of people and goods, destroying the Tibetan culture with intent...
It's like the continued occupation of Northern Ireland by the UK, causing violence, hatred, suspicions and division continually....Things like this are a stain on humanity, and they need to be thoroughly washed out. There is no compromise, US and UK out of Ireland (and Iraq/Afghanistan too, of course), China out of Tibet. Some things are 100% wrong and just need to end. And what's the common denominator for my evaluation of whats "wrong"? Fascism, which is systematic violence; violence being the root factor of discernment.

Last night I was watching a PBS show on the FCC, and its Republican tool-of-the-devil director who is completely ignoring the overwhelming dissent, by the Public and Congress, at the new proposed media conglomeration regulation, that will allow even further concentration of power (fascism) in the media, controlling the information we hear, assuring that the really crucial info, say on 9/11, The Federal Reserve, etc. will never enter the mainstream. That's why I give him the harsh"tool-of the-devil" status, I think of the devil as defined as "The Great Deceiver", whose deception leads to enormous harm; recent examples that I refer to often are the great deceptions of 9/11, the elections, WMD's, etc. Lack of crucial truth, and the presence of propaganda in the media is a fundamental obstacle to the progress of humanity and the end of the destructive status-quo paradigm. Media conglomeration is part and parcel to this, it always decreases crucial truth and increases propaganda and disinfotainment.
The FCC director is blatantly ignoring the will of the majority of Americans and Congress, which makes him a fascist, plain and simple. I know we cant have a pure democracy for every decision that needs to be made bt government, but this decision is following countless Public (and Congressional) hearings that all overwhelmingly said the same thing: "NO!"

The majority of Americans were against the Iraq "war" before it began, and the majority of Americans voted for Al Gore and John Kerry, but democracy was trampled and fascism won, with years of death, oppression and destruction following.

It's the same old story, since the beginning of civilization: the few oppressing the many and keeping humanity in a degraded state of tyranny, poverty, oppression and destruction...

Why wont "liberals" call it fascism when that's what it is? Until they do, its not likely to stop, especially when it is supported by the ever-present foundational Big Lie of 9/11.

Friday, December 14, 2007

It's all about empowerment

from a greenliving article:

"While the benefits of breast milk over baby formula are old news, some important new research indicates that additional dangers may lurk in every can of baby formula on the market.

In a recent report by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a consumer health advocacy group, tests performed on liquid baby formulas found that they all contained bisphenol A (BPA). This leaching, hormone-mimicking chemical is used by all major baby formula manufacturers in the linings of the metal cans in which baby formula is sold.

BPA has been found to cause hyperactivity, reproductive abnormalities and pediatric brain cancer in lab animals. Increasingly, scientists suspect that BPA might be linked to several medical problems in humans, including breast and testicular cancer.

Because of smaller can sizes and because liquid formula is less diluted with water, the study concluded that liquid formulas have as much as 20 times higher potential to leach BPA than their powdered counterparts.

Because the FDA has not banned BPA, it appears there are no immediate plans to change the packaging of liquid baby formula."

Thats right, toxic baby formula. Surprised? If so, you should do some more research, A LOT of the packaging, foods, drinks, medicines that we assume are safe for consumption are not. Soaring cancer rates continue to be called "a mystery" while the obvious cause, toxins/radiation in our food, air, water and medicines, is disregarded as a purely "environmental" issue. If you're not into researching toxins in everyday products, there is an easier route: buy organic. More specifically, if you really want to be healthy, buy vegan + organic. It's another nonviolent solution: no animals harmed, and your body isn't harmed by chemicals, etc. It's no coincidence that a balanced vegan diet is the healthiest. If you haven't noticed yet, the Universe has a preference for nonviolence and tries to communicate that through our karmic experience.

An unhealthy populace serves the destructive status-quo paradigm the same way a fearful and savior-mythology indoctrinated populace does: through disempowerment.

I've heard repeatedly lately that the combination of anxiety and depression is the #1 mental ailment in America today, with millions of Americans taking prescription drugs for it. Personally I know that they are extremely diempowering states of mind, probably more so than anything else has been in my life. Why is it so pervasive currently? And what effect is it having on our socio-political situation? Obviously a severely depressed and anxious populace is much less likely to resist oppression/destruction/fascism, so in that way it serves the status-quo paradigm very well, just like ill-health in general. Anxiety can also develop into the worse ailment of paranoia, which is perhaps even worse than severe depression. When you no longer feel comfortable doing every-day activities, when you think almost everyone, seen and unseen, are either making fun of you or worse, how can you be an effective revolutionary? Or mother, father, worker, etc? This is part of the reason why I think the establishment is so quick to throw the label "paranoid conspiracy nut" on those that question their most critical deceptions; they want people to avoid the issue out of fear of being called "paranoid", "crazy", etc. How many times have you heard the term "conspiracy nut" associated with 9/11 Truth activists for instance? It's become the standard establishment response to anyone who questions the official story on 9/11; that way the actual evidence is ignored. Evidence that clearly shows to anyone with common sense that the official story is a fraud.

The sad irony however is that some paranoia amongst activists is actually logical, when you take into account the fact that they are opposing mass-murderers, and the historical examples of harassment and violence brought on to those who have opposed destructive deceptions, policies, and various injustices. In recent US history, the FBI's COINTELPRO program is a key example of harassment and violence brought on to to individuals who were speaking out against injustice and violence. Also there are the ignorant members of the genearla public who ridicule and slander those that speak out against injustice, particularly those that speak out about "controversial" issues, like 9/11 Truth. People that identify with the propaganda become defense when that peoprganda is questioned; it is far easier for them to question the "sanity" of the activist, and give them scornful looks and comments, to their face, or behind their back. Again, this can lead an unprepared activist feeling very isolated and anxious, which can lead to paranoia. But since Truth is paramount for those fighting for justice, they usually seek the full truth of their own personal situation as well, which prevents awareness of enemies becoming an distorted exaggeration of them.

Disempowerment/Empowerment fall into 3 categories as far as I can see:
1) Mental (ego based negative thoughts, fear, attachment, dependence, addiction, etc. / love, confidence, clarity, stability, positive thoughts, etc.)
2) Physical (poor diet, intoxicants, lack of strength and flexibility, etc. / healthy diet, fitness, no toxins, etc.)
3) Socio-political (fascism, oppression, poverty, propaganda, etc. / democracy, freedom, basic needs met, crucial truth in media, etc.)

We need to be more aware of which side we're on in our daily lives, draining or gaining, so that we can rid ourselves of the former and gain the latter.

The various types of disempowerement are often interconnected as in the examples given above, so the response should be holistic as well.

Some say our worst enemy is our own ego: try meditation to become aware of your awareness, which is your inner Self, the opposite of the usually negative and disempowering ego.


This post, like much of my writing, is for myself as well as others. First we must know which way to go before we start moving; I've been spending a lot of time refining the path before taking many steps... I've allowed myself to be disempowered by one of the most devastating blows to one's drive for progress: good love gone bad. But I think I'm almost over it. I hope.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

From Revolution to mindless Wii

I heard the original name for Nintendo's new game system was to be "Revolution" but then was changed to "Wii". How symbolic... Revolution, dramatic positive change in the world, is too serious a topic, one that goes against our conditioning to remain disempowered; instead lets just yell "Wii! as we stay in our distracted info-tainment stupor, while our ecosystem collapses, unjust war and killing rages on, poverty and illness continue to rise... and communion with Nature and enlightenment remain just a fairy tale.
The trick is actually to combine the two terms though, a Joyful Rebellion, where we take action while not losing the playful child-like glee for this living mystery we all live within. Revolutionary wizards and high-priestesses...

"The Revolution Solution, I've come to join you"
-Thievery Corporation

Friday, August 31, 2007

bullshit masculinity in the USA

The completely bullshit idea of masculinity held by many American men is truly ridiculous. Two areas reveal this to me very clearly:

1. Eating meat (especially steak) is seen as some kind of macho behavior, when in fact it just shows you like others to kill defenseless animals for you to eat. Often "macho" guys will slander a guy that's vegetarian as being "feminine", which is non-sense, a real man would'nt be afraid of being perceived of as different and receiving slander from fools when standing up for his principles.

2. Supporting unjust war/militarism. These fools will back-up any military adventure, (usually until it effects them personally) with the sub-conscious hopes of being perceived as really masculine. Instead they are just cowards unwilling to speak-out against the chicken-hawk "leaders" that continue to kill our own people and foreign civilians, (by the hundreds of thousands in Iraq/Afghanistan alone). I, and every other activist speaking out against the lies of Bush, Inc. are the real "men"; we aren't cowards, we speak openly against mass-murderers, unafraid of the consequences.

Another aspect of extreme moronic hypocrisy with many Americans, both men and women, is their stance concerning the events of 9/11. Rather than look into the overwhelming evidence that the official story is a Big Lie, they just believe the official story, given by known liars and murderers, out of fear of being thought of as "crazy"; the irony is of course that you are really being crazy for believing and supporting obvious lies.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

are you thinking inside a propaganda bubble?

So now it seems like almost every American with common sense opposes Bush/Cheney, yet even the "scholars" still think within a framework of lies, so their ideas remain off-target. They say things like "What a mess Bush made in Iraq..." "What a poor decision to make..." And then the more everyday American will just say something like "Bush is an idiot..."
What's wrong with that you're wondering? What's wrong is that they all assume "the mess" in Iraq isn't EXACTLY what was was INTENDED to happen! It really is about the oil and establishing military bases, and UNREST is necessary (meaning our soldiers dying along with civilians) to further their own agenda for further wealth and power (for the corporations and bankers these fascists represent)...
Americans are so ridiculously gullible, especially concerning 9/11, the eternal "justification" for everything the criminal Bush Administration do...
If you keep relying on mainstream media, or even liberal media, for your awareness of what's really going on, you'll remain in a propaganda bubble where your thoughts and commentary have little to no real effect or meaning...
I could go on but will leave you with sources of crucial truth instead so you can pop your bubble, learn the crucial truth that needs to enter the mainstream, and thereby really make a positive difference in the world:


“9/11 MYSTERIES” (,

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Share this page with others and ask you Representatives/Senators if they support these crucial changes, and they dont, ask for an explanation.