Sunday, September 07, 2008

Privacy, Anarchists and Denial of Deception

Privacy, Anarchists and Denial of Deception
by Colin D. Donoghue

When I used to mail a package at the post office they would ask “Is there anything hazardous, liquid or perishable inside?” A ridiculous, but albeit legitimate question. Have you noticed now they just ask “What's in the box?” Now we are expected to reveal publicly our private correspondence, all of course because “everything has changed since 9/11”. Is this conditioning of the public to accept infringement on our rights, to ease us into a police state, or am I overreacting? Whats the big deal? Just tell them anything, like it's a box filled with socks and jellybeans! The point isn't that we have to actually say what's in the box, that's why even the original question is absurd; is a terrorist really going to admit there's something hazardous in the box? The point is that rather than object to a clear invasion of privacy, we ignore it. And that establishes a mindset in society that the government can look through your things without just cause, which you may remember, violates the Fourth Amendment, you know, the one that was specifically written to protect us against an encroaching police state.

The news (mostly non-corporate of course) lately has been filled with story after story of non-violent activists being beaten, arrested and having their homes broken into and property seized, especially wherever the Democratic/Republic Conventions are taking place. (You've all seen the 2006 documentary “Chicago 10” right? If not, go rent/buy it.) And what's the supposed justification? “Conspiracy to start a riot” of course. Thought crimes. But maybe they really were going to cause a riot, you might be thinking? This has clearly not been the case in the stories I've read about, these activist wanted to have a march, a sit-in, distribute pamphlets. And if a riot does actually happen, guess who's most likely to have started it? Some undercover government official! Have you ever heard of an “agent provocateur”? It's an undercover agent who disguises himself as an activist, usually an “anarchist”, and throws something at the cops, or at someones property, to “justify” the police breaking up the protest/march/demonstration, and also breaking peoples skulls/arms, etc.

I'm not saying every activist has realized the necessity of non-violence in defeating an empire based on violence; Some actually think violence has its place, especially in a country where the elections are corporately funded/run and have been rigged (and they have been, without a doubt.) What they need to realize is that they are doing the work of the government for free, they are basically volunteering for Homeland Security/FBI/CIA, etc. I imagine there must have been times at demonstrations, etc. where you'd have a genuine anarchist side-by-side with an agent provocateur, doing the same exact thing. If the government is employing people to throw bottles at cops, have you ever considered that it's in their own interest to do so? Every time there is an act of violence at a protest or demonstration, the government, and its 4th branch, the corporate media, will use it to further demonize all activists, discourage other citizens from showing up at future events, and to “justify” further “free speech zone” restrictions, police brutality and illegal searches and seizures in the hones and workplaces of activist-citizens. That should be one word, by the way. If you want anything resembling a democracy and free country, you have to incorporate some activism in your life, that's what being a citizen is all about. But that's not the message coming from the media. Anyone who takes to the streets, or even posts a blog against some policy/action, is now an “extremist”. Don't buy that bullshit, speak/act out.

And when you do so, consider not avoiding an issue, like 9/11 Truth, just because Noam Chomsky does. It's so ironic... supposed radicals, who are all about non-hierarchical power structures and complete personal freedom and independence, becoming the unquestioning follower of a professor at MIT. Chomsky has written some great books about US foreign Policy and the media, of course. But the one issue that is actually the fuel of the current imperialism and tyranny, he wont touch, saying “there's nothing there”. Nothing there?!?! WTF?! You actually believe the official story on 9/11? That bullshit fairy tale? Have you read/seen the following?:
1. “Crossing the Rubicon” by Michael Ruppert
2. “The Terror Timeline” by Paul Thompson
3. “The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions" & “Debunking 9/11 Debunking”, both by David Ray Griffin
4. “The War On Truth: 9/11, Disinformation And The Anatomy Of Terrorism” by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed
“9/11 Press For Truth” ( ) & “9/11 Mysteries” (

I'm continually surprised at the conformity amongst radicals and alternative media; those who consider themselves “nonconformist” but have been excluding really revolutionary behavior and issues like non-violent civil disobedience and 9/11 Truth, while otherwise offering good critical views of status-quo policy/culture that are valuable. This can serve as a misdirecting force for those wanting to bring positive change, “left gatekeepers” (like Chomsky, as explained in the book “Towers of Deception” by Barrie Zwicker) sound revolutionary but avoid actions that are actually revolutionary. Effectiveness needs to be emphasized along with just an outward appearance that is non-conformist to the mainstream. And there is no other information more effective at bringing down this illegitimate fascist police-state empire than that that disproves the story their entire operation is based on. It is also crucial to prevent another act of state-sponsored terrorism (Avian Flu?) or another imperialist invasion (Iran?) based on lies about the “war on terror”. Not to mention the plans for a North American Union (see:, replacing what little remnants of a Constitutional Republic we have left with an “elite” governing body (read: The Council on Foreign Relations) unaccountable to congress or the American People.

A little while ago I was playing basketball with some friends at an outside court and there were two stickers on the backboard, an American Flag with the words “One Nation In Denial”, and on the other side of the basket a Decepticon logo from the Transformers cartoon. How appropriate! Denial of Deception (9/11) is THE crucial issue right now!!

So rather than move to Canada or plan some violent action that would just play into the hands of these fascist war criminal tyrants, please do something that will actually make a difference, namely expose the 9/11 Lie and commit acts of non-violent civil disobedience/protest demonstration whenever you feel the urge. And if they ask you “what's in the box?” at the post office, ask them if they've heard of the 4th Amendment, and give them a TIP in the form of a deceptiondollar(.com), because most likely they think they're protecting us from terrorists, when in fact they're working for them.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

martin luther king day, the only holiday worth celebrating

christmas has been turned into a corporate wet dream, new years a sanctioned night of drunken foolishness and danger.... even independence day has turned into a corporatized falsely patriotic debacle...

its very common for people to say "merry christmas" and "happy new year" to strangers on those holdidays, but i found on this MLK day when i said "Happy Martin Luther King Day" to some strangers, they laughed or nervously chuckled, saying nothing! What's so funny about it? Are you nervous that showing support for a politically progressive figure would all of a sudden make you an activist, make you radical? There was also the debates on CNN between Edwards, Clinton on Obama, praising Martin Luther King, but i heard nothing about Iraq/Afghanistan, which King certainly would have been talking about! Instead they go on about mortgage rates... while we have an illegitimate, treasonous, war criminal administration sitting pretty, with no accountability in sight... A couple of guys in the locker room watching this
"debate" said to each other:
"So, what do you think about this?"
"Are you kidding?"
"Oh, yeah of course Im kidding."

Apparently holding any opinion at all on politics nowadays is ridiculous! One of the guys also said something like: "This politics is beyond repair.." How convenient for your apathy! How conveinient for the status-quo! How did people become so disempowered?

We need to forget this corporate media circus and focus on the fundamentals right now, the past 2 rigged presidential elections, 9/11 Truth, The Federal Reserve, and IMPEACHMENT FOR GOD'S SAKE!

How can so many people be so easily duped and exploited?