Friday, August 31, 2007

bullshit masculinity in the USA

The completely bullshit idea of masculinity held by many American men is truly ridiculous. Two areas reveal this to me very clearly:

1. Eating meat (especially steak) is seen as some kind of macho behavior, when in fact it just shows you like others to kill defenseless animals for you to eat. Often "macho" guys will slander a guy that's vegetarian as being "feminine", which is non-sense, a real man would'nt be afraid of being perceived of as different and receiving slander from fools when standing up for his principles.

2. Supporting unjust war/militarism. These fools will back-up any military adventure, (usually until it effects them personally) with the sub-conscious hopes of being perceived as really masculine. Instead they are just cowards unwilling to speak-out against the chicken-hawk "leaders" that continue to kill our own people and foreign civilians, (by the hundreds of thousands in Iraq/Afghanistan alone). I, and every other activist speaking out against the lies of Bush, Inc. are the real "men"; we aren't cowards, we speak openly against mass-murderers, unafraid of the consequences.

Another aspect of extreme moronic hypocrisy with many Americans, both men and women, is their stance concerning the events of 9/11. Rather than look into the overwhelming evidence that the official story is a Big Lie, they just believe the official story, given by known liars and murderers, out of fear of being thought of as "crazy"; the irony is of course that you are really being crazy for believing and supporting obvious lies.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

are you thinking inside a propaganda bubble?

So now it seems like almost every American with common sense opposes Bush/Cheney, yet even the "scholars" still think within a framework of lies, so their ideas remain off-target. They say things like "What a mess Bush made in Iraq..." "What a poor decision to make..." And then the more everyday American will just say something like "Bush is an idiot..."
What's wrong with that you're wondering? What's wrong is that they all assume "the mess" in Iraq isn't EXACTLY what was was INTENDED to happen! It really is about the oil and establishing military bases, and UNREST is necessary (meaning our soldiers dying along with civilians) to further their own agenda for further wealth and power (for the corporations and bankers these fascists represent)...
Americans are so ridiculously gullible, especially concerning 9/11, the eternal "justification" for everything the criminal Bush Administration do...
If you keep relying on mainstream media, or even liberal media, for your awareness of what's really going on, you'll remain in a propaganda bubble where your thoughts and commentary have little to no real effect or meaning...
I could go on but will leave you with sources of crucial truth instead so you can pop your bubble, learn the crucial truth that needs to enter the mainstream, and thereby really make a positive difference in the world:


“9/11 MYSTERIES” (,