Wednesday, October 10, 2007

From Revolution to mindless Wii

I heard the original name for Nintendo's new game system was to be "Revolution" but then was changed to "Wii". How symbolic... Revolution, dramatic positive change in the world, is too serious a topic, one that goes against our conditioning to remain disempowered; instead lets just yell "Wii! as we stay in our distracted info-tainment stupor, while our ecosystem collapses, unjust war and killing rages on, poverty and illness continue to rise... and communion with Nature and enlightenment remain just a fairy tale.
The trick is actually to combine the two terms though, a Joyful Rebellion, where we take action while not losing the playful child-like glee for this living mystery we all live within. Revolutionary wizards and high-priestesses...

"The Revolution Solution, I've come to join you"
-Thievery Corporation